something in the air

What a turnout for the Winter Lights 5K in Plymouth MA. Team Falcon had over 130 people sign up to support ALS ONE. The night was cool, but the run kept us warm. Well, actually, we didn’t run we walked. In fact we were the absolute last people to cross the finish line. They were breaking down the finish line when we got there. We were so far in the back, that we had a police escort followed by a parade. Not necessarily a parade, more like a line of cars flashing their high beams to get by and get us out of the middle of the road. But, nonetheless, we finished our 5k, put in a great showing for ALS One, and had a blast doing it.

Being in the city center on court street in Plymouth, really brought back nostalgic memories of the Holidays as a kid. Seeing the streets all lit up, feeling the cold December night, it brought me back to my childhood. The excitement of Christmas hanging on the cool breeze. I think growing up sometimes we forget about these feelings. Every once in a blue moon something comes along and brings back the spirit of the Holidays in a way that can’t be reproduced. It only happens organically, and it cannot be bottled or packaged and saved for a later use. It needs to be captured and felt in the moment, and crossing that finish line in the center, I felt it again. It was a welcome feeling that I hope to feel again as we get closer to Christmas and spending time with our families and friends. This is a time to truly be thankful for what we have, to go into the holidays from a place of gratefulness. To experience these feelings and the pure magic in the air around this time is a gift. Being aware that these feelings aren’t always going to be here. It’s important to take stock of them, breath them in and enjoy them. It’s what makes life worth living. 

Author: adventureoflivingblog

My name is T. For now I'll remain anonymous. I'm not really sure why, but it feels right. In July I was diagnosed with ALS. Faced with the choice, "Life or Death," I've chosen to live. But not just to live, but to really LIVE. This is my Adventure.

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