how do I give thanks

I’m not sure what it feels like from the other side. For me, the entire process has felt like I am doomed with the worst luck in the world. Like every situation is a struggle. Insurance coverages, bad genetics, pre existing conditions that don’t actually exist yet, but are implied through test result. (You know, those results that aren’t even in your medical record that the disability insurance guys seem to have) everything is stacked against us. Until a day like today comes around.Today we were given a gift. Today we felt the generosity of a community, a mind blowing show of force from a group of people that left us in shock. There is no other way to describe how we felt In the moment or even how we feel now. Utter shock.

The sad part of all this is that we can’t express our gratitude, the way we wish we could. We wish there were words to use to describe how we’re feeling. To express the thanks we feel in our hearts. L and I can’t begin to thank you all, and even if we could, it still  wouldn’t do it justice.

For those that read this, please know, we are forever grateful for your generosity and for the show of love you have given us. We will never forget it. And we appreciate it more than we could ever express in words.

Thank you

Author: adventureoflivingblog

My name is T. For now I'll remain anonymous. I'm not really sure why, but it feels right. In July I was diagnosed with ALS. Faced with the choice, "Life or Death," I've chosen to live. But not just to live, but to really LIVE. This is my Adventure.

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